Savour #KingstonRibfest




At #KingstonRibfest we value our community. We know it might not be the reason you come, but giving back and being as socially responsible as we can is just the right thing to do.


We’ve implemented several programs over the history of the festival to support and give back to our community.


We collect for the Partners in Mission Food Bank at the gate in lieu of admission. In 2022, $7,507 and 1,470 lbs of food was raised. Since 2013, we have raised $36,088.15 and 17,724 lbs of food. Way to go #YGK! Pulling together to help our neighbours in a BIG way.


#KingstonRibfest has been partnering with the Queen's Mens Basketball team since 2013 and the Women's Basketball team starting in 2021. The teams provide much-needed staff support and in exchange, #KingstonRibfest provides a financial donation to support the teams travel budget. A win-win.



Hydration Station. As part of #KingstonRibfest efforts to reduce waste, we are partnering with The Water Tap to provide safe, filtered drinking water at no charge to you. So, bring your reusable water bottle and fill it often to stay hydrated.